how stress affects you

How stress affects you

by | Jan 5, 2016 | Health, Stress

After writing my last article “is stress normal” I found this great video that explains in a more graphical manner how stress affects you and how it can make you sick when you ignored the warning signs.

Here are our top 3 tips to get you on the right track

  • Sleep – rest and have a good sleep.  Studies show that majority of us are sleep deprived and what is worst is that most of us do not recognised the signs that we are making us sick.   Are you getting a good solid 8 hours sleep on a regular basis? are you sleeping restfully and not disturbed? Most likely “NO” and if you are like I was you are trying to squeeze as much out of the day and you reserved that extra hour of sleep for the weekend.  Can I say that does not work and you need to get those 8 hours sleep on a regular basis.  Try going to bed that half an hour or even an hour earlier and feel the difference.
  • Laugh – believe or not a good laugh is a great antidote for stress and in our the last article is laughter the best medicine we looked at the various health benefits we get from laughter including boosting your immune system. This is something you can easily do every day and you will have a ball.
  • Do something physical – we spend far too much time in our heads and with our electronic devices. We are physical beings and we need to get in touch with the rest of our body. So walk, do the garden, watch nature, go cycling, cook a nice meal, do something that involves more than your head. Once you are able to get out of your head you will be able to start seeing things differently and give you a better perspective.

Remember that stress affects your quality of life in more ways than you bargain and you need to take control of it before it takes control of you.

Hope you found this useful and have a great 2016

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