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by | May 27, 2013 | Natural Health, Natural Products

Firstly, thanks to all those people who came and read our blog article on the Benefits of Coca Leaf. I was surprised to see the number of readers we got – THANKS.

Over the past couple of months, I’ve received a number of e-mails requesting help as to where you can get some of the Coca products. Depending on where you are in the world, it can be very hard to get access as Customs regulations in each country do vary and there are severe restrictions.  Also when you find it, the cost is prohibiting and you don’t know which product to use?

Here is a quick snapshot of what I have been able to get access.

1.  I have been very lucky to have friends and other colleagues travelling to & from Bolivia, so we managed to top up our supplies up when we can.

2.  Like everyone else, we don’t always have friends travelling, so we rely on the web. One place we bought some products (ie coca tea) has been Amazon (yes,

3.  Like many of you on the web and the prices vary astronomically – WOW.  After searching, I wondered if I was in the wrong business 🙂

Anyway, assuming I did not have a friend travelling, where and what would I buy? Most of the web site that I saw were overpriced, to say the least –  more like price gouging.  The only place I would recommend right now would be our old friend Amazon.  Again here, the prices vary quite a lot – so I would be careful and I will only suggest products that we used and are of value.

Fresh Coca Tea Windsor – we use this quite a lot and enjoy it.  Still expensive but more affordable than most other products.

Coca Tea Windsor – another variation of the above, and for larger quantities if you can afford it try Macmate Coca Tea.

Coca Tea NoviAndina Caranavi –  I have not had this brand but we did visit this area (ie Caranavi) and the organic tea is just great.

Finally, for those who want their tea in a pot, Powdered Coca Tea is probably a better option as you would require a few leaves to give the taste and hit.

I tried to find Harina de Coca and there are some places you can get it.  However, you need to check the customs regulation for your country and it could be too much trouble than it is worth.

Now that is done – I am off to the kitchen to get my dose of Coca Tea.

Enjoy 🙂

UPDATE – AMAZON has stopped selling these products. 

9th Aril 2024 – Update

Being able to buy Coca Leaf Tea over the years has been difficult in a lot of countries due to restrictions imposed. However, this seems to be changing and you can now buy Coca Tea from, which can ship to countries like the USA, UK, Europe, Mexico, Australia & New Zealand.

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