Welcome to A Healthy Self

by | May 3, 2011 | Health

Hi and Welcome

Thanks for joining us in this journey of discovery to find ways to improve our health and the health of our respective loved ones. There are so many ways to do this and they journey is often confusing as one expert say”s that x is bad for but the next expert it is actually good for you. So in situations likes this what do you do?  who do you believe?

We are no experts but we are not beginners either – my partner has always being interested in natural health and when our children were born with life threatening allergies then I became more interested than ever.  Also Father time has an effect on ones health – as time passes the wiser your become – the wiser you become – the more respect you have for your body, mind and spirit.

In this blog we will share the things that worked, not worked so well and the issues that we face when looking for ways to be become a healthier self.

Enjoy !!

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